About the rendering order in RDLC reports

Recently, I was wondering about the order in which the three sections of a RDLC report, namely header, body and footer, are being rendered. Searching the net, I found this remarkable answer for the question about the rendering order, which is now about 5 years old, but seems still to be valid…
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How to implement carryover in RDLC reports

As is well known, the Transheader-/Transfooter functionality of the classic client report generator in NAV versions 2009 or earlier is no more available for the RTC client. Furthermore there seems to be not a single carryover line in standard NAV report layouts, anymore.
Because some customers using Dynamics NAV RTC client still attach importance to carryover lines, especially in document type reports like invoices, I tried to find a most easy, general and elegant method of implementing this feature into RDLC report layouts of version NAV 2013 R2 or higher, …
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